2.3. Catalog Wizard

To make the process of catalog creation easier, use the Catalog Creator Wizard, which will guide you step-by-step through the catalog configuration. Click the corresponding button to run the Wizard:

PDF creator main toolbar

You will be forwarded to the "Catalog Settings" page where you can fill in general information, such as catalog "Name", "Language", "Currency", your "Store Name" etc.

Catalog settings
  • "Currency", "Store Name", "Address", "City", "State", "Country", "Phone", "Email", "Store URL" - these fields will be automatically added from the store settings. You can modify these fields if needed.
  • You can enable the “Retrieve products information from Store Manager every time before catalog generation” option if you need to automatically update products data that was added to the catalog. In case, you changed product's price, a new price will be displayed in a catalog. This field is recommended to use.
  • "Description" - use this field for making notes and comments inthe process of catalog handling.
  • The "Language" field allows selecting and implicating the necessary language from the drop-down list. You can choose the language used in the admin panel or any other of the suggested variants:
Language field

Next step is [Add Products to Catalog]:

Add Products to Catalog

You can search necessary products in the category tree by putting a check marks next to those categories that include the required items.

Add products to catalog

The "Products" section allows you to manage status of your products.

  • "Image" - displays product image if you have set up FTP connection previously and you have your pictures uploaded.
  • "Name" - displays the name of the product according to the language you have chosen in your catalog.
  • "SKU", "Price", "Special Price" - reflect the product code, price and special price.
  • "Creation Date" - indicates the date when product was created in your store.
  • "Is New" - if you select this option, “New Product” icon will be displayed next to the product.
  • "Is Printable" - this field allows you to display product in a PDF catalog. If you unselect this field, a product will be shown in a table but won’t be printable in a PDF catalog.
  • "In Stock" - displays products quantity.
  • "Position" - shows the sort order of the product and its position at the catalog page.
Products list changes

You may add products or remove existing ones. If you want to see how a product will look like in the catalog, select it in a grid and click the [Preview] button.

If you select the “Enable Drag&Drop” option, you will be able to move products using drag&drop method and build order of products placement on a catalog page. All the columns, except “Position”, can be sorted out.

The “Update Selected” option allows to get fresh data for selected products from your store.

Groups-products panels

On the next step you have to prepare catalog layout.

Layou section

Select a layout and modify it according to your taste. Use the Layout Editor menu to perform following operations:

< - Select one of default layouts from the drop-down list.

< - Clone a layout.

< - Create a new layout.

< - Rename a layout.

< - Delete a layout.


For each page of your future catalog you can create a separate design, text color, background picture and few other layout settings in Title Page tab.

Title page

You may browse picture directly from your PC to set it as a background or special price picture.

You can also use color palette to add custom colors.

Customize color

If you want to make some changes in a catalog, you can use the [Advanced Layout Editor] button.

Advanced Layout Editor

Please, note that it is recommended to make a copy of a layout before making changes, becayse if you update PDF Creator to the latest release, the changes in a predefined layout can be lost.

Click the [Close Wizard] button to exit catalog creation functional.

Close wizard

To save current catalog in PDF format, press the corresponding button on the toolbar:

Generate PDF file

You can add a new catalog to the existing catalog list, with the 'Create New Catalog' option.

If you hover the mouse on the Catalog field you will see the catalog settings form. Specify the main data and store URL to which this catalog is assigned.

Catalog Settings

Click "Products" to see the two-panels form - the left one is for group data and the right one is for products information.

Products section

To add a new group data to the current catalog, you should press the relevant button from the top toolbar and press [OK] to save the entry:

Add new group data
Delete group data

< - Press to remove selected group and its products.

Edit group data

< - To edit current group data click on the corresponding button in the toolbar.

The right panel's toolbar serves to:

  • Add necessary products to the created groups - [Add Product(s)]
  • Remove selected items from the product list - [Remove Product(s)]
  • Check the catalog external view with products in it - [Preview]
  • Disable/unable 'Drag-and-Drop' function - [Disable DragDrop]
  • Update selected one(s) - [Update Selected]
Right panel toolbar

If you have any questions about the functional of the adoon, contact our support team and we will give you the necessary assistance.