2.2. Catalog Settings

Catalog Settings menu allows you to specify general information:

Settings Page

Language - select the appropriate store view from the drop-down list and you will get the store's data on the language you have chosen .

Product name and description will be reflected in catalog regarding to the selected language.

Select language for PDF Creator displaying

Currency, Store Name, Address, City, State, Country, Phone, E-mail, Store URL - these fields will be automatically added from your store settings.

You can modify these fields, if needed or add the new values as well.

You can enable “Retrieve products information from Store Manager every time before generation” option, if you need to automatically update products data which were added to the catalog.

In case, you have changed product price, new price will be displayed in catalog. This field is recommended to use.

PDF Catalog Creator  settings

In the lower area you can see settings relate to the PDF catalog which creating. You can compress pdf file and regulate catalog quality by using the scale, allow/denied to use the transparency in the Catalog view.

Lower settings fields

Description - use this field for making notes and comments in process of catalog handling.

Description area

Main toolbar allows you perform the following operations:

You need to go through the addon registration to use PDF Catalog Creator plugin in full and add to the created catalog as many positions as you need.

To be able to get the registered version, you should order the license of the addon at our addon's page and register it by clicking on the appropriate button in the top wizard toolbar:

Addon is not registered

'Add Products to Catalog' option

Add Products to Catalog option

opens the form with the category tree from the store, where you can check the positions from which the products will be taken to the Catalog.

Check the category positions to add

The adding products process contains the two steps: add the categories which were selected (checked) on the left and form the products list related to each category position on the right:

Adding products process
Add products button in top toolbar

"Add Products" button - in order to populate catalog with products from your store.

You will see added products in "Products" node.

You can place catalog on FTP server - in order to perform that you should select 'Upload Catalog on FTP' option in the main addon's menu:

Upload Catalog on FTP server

and fill the appropriate form with your FTP credentials and the destination to FTP directory where your catalog should be placed.

If your data is correct you will get the following message:

Upload catalog on FTP form
Close wizard option

- exit from the PDF Catalog Creator Wizard form:

Service section

- using Service section, you can check the documentation to find more information about plug-in and find our some useful tips and tricks.