Advanced Layout Editor - Magento

LookBook allows you to customize the template and add, for example, additional attributes to show them in your PDF

We prepared detailed instructions on how to customize the existing template and add the attribute Resolution

We used the Bline (A4) template and created an example for 3 products with the Custom Attribute - Resolution

First, check the products in Store Manager

Go to the Custom SQL section and create the SQL statement, to select the product IDs (the main product identifier) and attribute values.

Use the instructions from the readme.txt file. You can find it at:

C:\Users\ %USERNAME% \AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento\PluginsSQL

Please note, that Magento allows adding different attribute types and values (int, varchar), and SQL statements may be different We set an example for the VARCHAR attributes

We used the following Macroses:
/CURR_ENTITY_ID_FIELD_NAME/ - macros are used to identify the core table key

/ID_LIST/ -  macros that allow  detecting the list with the IDs of the products that will be used in the addon for the catalog generation

Follow the steps below:

Set the sub-report:


 Add a text field and  link the custom attribute from the custom dataset

Save the changes

Now check the Catalog preview:


after we added attribute